Gaio (Google All in One). This app puts my favorite Google services in one screen - Gmail, Tasks, Calendar and Google Keep (new alternative to Sticky notes and Evernote). I made it because I was tired of keeping these services in a separate tabs of my browser or opening and closing them multiple times a day. Now, I just have to drag my mouse in top left corner of my screen, click and I see them all immediately, click again and I am back to desktop. PS. I am php web developer and this is my first desktop app ever, so don't be too strict while judging it. *** This is a 3-rd party application and I am not related to Google, Inc. ***


  • Read/write mail
  • Manage calendar
  • Manage tasks
  • Create notes

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29 October 2015

I recommend playing this's game to every one


19 October 2015

I loved the idea of this app, but found that it wasn't usable for me. For one thing, I don't use Notes, and also I am on an 8-inch tablet and the interface was not easily usable due to the size. Suggestions - first, make a few different design templates, where people could choose the layout they want. Then, make it modular, where again you give people the choice, of which apps to subscribe to within that layout. Finally, build in the option to re-size the interface as they need or see fit. If these features are built into the app, you've definitely got a subscriber here.


16 August 2015

there is no customizability


4 August 2015

Just installed but so far I like it and thanks.


1 June 2015

great for gmail and google calendar


8 May 2015

This app is best put of all of the Google clients I've tried. No complaining at all! Even the hangouts on Gmail worked on my surface! If you are looking for suggestions, I do have a few. Like someone else's review, it would be nice if you could customize the layout of the services. I would also work toward adding all of Google's services to this app. It's AWSOME!


20 April 2015

Please continue to develop this app! I love it but it has so much more potential!


16 April 2015

This is a nice concept but without the ability to collapse panes the screen is too busy


15 April 2015

This this made my life easier. Now all the things I use can be retrieved in one push of a button. So convenient and useful. Wish I had this earlier.


31 January 2015

It seems like there should be a way to change the size of the email and "keep" sides of the screen, but I can't figure it out. I couldn't find any help online. I think google should have come up with this outlook-like interface ages ago. Also, contacts could be part of the interface -maybe instead of google keep? Google still doesn't have that right. It doesn't make sense that you can't have both email and contacts open at the same time.

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