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Geekatoo Tech Support

Geekatoo Tech Support - Tech Support to your Door Geekatoo helps you save hundreds of dollars on tech support without leaving home. Verified Geeks with expertise in computer repair, virus removal, network security, connectivity,home theater installation, TV setup and more are just a tap away to help with your tech needs. Getting started with Geekatoo is free and easy: Choose from categories such as Computer, Mobile, Home Theater, Camera, and Gaming to find the tech service that best fits your needs. Tell us where the Geek will meet you. This can be your home, business, office, or a local coffee shop - you can even order service for family and friends anywhere in the United States. Provide a brief description of your problem. Snap a quick photo to give us a clear picture of the situation. Sit back and relax while we send a friendly Geek to you! Geekatoo has thousands of Geeks ready to serve you, and our flock is growing every day. Drop the Squad and get connected with a Geek near you to save a ton of money - your wallet will thank you! Or full service list includes: Learn how to use Windows 8 Computer Services Networking and Connectivity Support Tune-up a Computer or Laptop Get a Computer Tutorial Troubleshoot/Repair a Computer or Laptop Troubleshoot/Repair a Printer Eliminate Viruses Set up a New Printer Set up a New Computer or Laptop Backup or Transfer Data Hook up a New Device Set up an Email Account Install or Uninstall Software Install or Uninstall an OS (Operating System) Hook up an Internal Device (Laptop) Mobile Troubleshoot/Diagnose a Mobile Device Set up a New Mobile Device Hook up Hands-Free Device Set up Mobile Email Home Theater Hook up a Home Theater Hook up a TV TV Mounting Set up Surround Sound Set up a Universal Remote Troubleshoot/Diagnose a TV Troubleshoot/Diagnose a Home Stereo Camera Set up a New Camera Troubleshoot/Diagnose a Camera Gaming Set up a New Game Console Hook up Game Accessories Manage Saved Game Data


  • Get affordable in-home tech support with verified Geeks who come to you.
  • Browse curated product reviews that we recommend and explain in basic terms.

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8 August 2014

It is well designed and looks great. This app was designed for customers of Geekatoo. It would be great to integrate a login section for Geekatoo Technicians as well.


26 June 2014

Another sales pitch hiding in an app


31 December 2013

Great for tech help.


29 December 2013

Great app!