Geomaster Plus

Play, learn and become a Master of Geography_ The ultimate Geography quiz helps to improve your knowledge in Geography. Available languages: English, French, German & Spanish. Challenges: - World capitals - World flags - European cities - US States - US Citites - Canada provinces - Canada Cities - Latin American countries - French provinces - French cities - German states - German cities - Asian countries - African countries


  • Geography quiz to play and learn Geography.

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12 March 2015

I really enjoy this app! Reminds me of the GeoSafari I had growing up. Just f.y.i., on the main home page, the African continent is labeled as 'Anceican Countries'. Possibly you meant 'African Countries' Thanks for the games!


11 December 2014

This App is terrific!!! Best one for learning countries & states!


1 December 2014

When will the lakes and oceans and rivers etc - other features be available? I would love to have them


19 June 2014

Amazing app Geographers


27 May 2014

This is a very good app, it would be better if you added pinch to zoom option, since while double tapping you may accidently select the country!


6 May 2014

Cities in the US are not in their proper locations. Tampa is way off, Orlando is way off, Brownsville, TX is not even close... and many others. Please fix those to improve the function of this app. Other than that it is a great app!


3 May 2014

OK, my laptop isn't a touch screen, and I have it hooked up to my TV. The mouse pointer doesn't respond where you click it. In other words, the program thinks you're clicking somewhere else on the screen instead of where the mouse shows up. In short, this app is unplayable without a touch screen.


14 April 2014

Map of Africa is really problematic. Whenever I click on some of smaller countries, it interprets that as a click on one of larger neighboring countries. I lose a lot of points this way and is really frustrating. Additionally, part of the UI is in French and those big letters that show up whenever you get the answer right are annoying.


1 April 2014

The app seems to not have the following countries in Asia: Bahrain Hong Kong Macau Taiwan Maldives


31 March 2014

What a fantastic fun app!!!!