GPS Companion

Update your waypoints and GPS tracks conveniently using any Windows tablet. WARNING: This application is designed to work with Garmin GPS devices. NOTE: Make sure you connect the GPS to a port that is NOT USB 3.0. Did you ever find that saving waypoints and naming tracks directly on your GPS is tedious? This application is the solution: use short names while in the field then, at the end of the hiking day, update the names on your Windows 8 tablet to a more descriptive text, and maybe even add notes for each waypoint or track. If your tablet has a keyboard you have the following shortcuts available: ALT-W: Go to waypoints section ALT-K: Go to tracks section ALT-D: Delete the selected item (track or waypoint). ALT-R: Revert the selected item to its saved version. TAB key will cycle between the list of items and the editable fields. Note: If the application does not recognize your particular Garmin GPS device, please send the detection log to for analysis. This may enable me to make it work properly for your device too.


  • Edit waypoints
  • Edit tracks
  • Light and Dark themes
  • View waypoints and tracks on a map

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28 July 2015

disregard this review


22 February 2015

Is unable to find my Garmin user manual... support never returned my email requesting assistance. Unusable app for me.


17 May 2014

Interesting app but waypoints can't be managed using a Garmin Oregon 300 GPS. Tracks work fine but need to fix wp's.


18 February 2014

Great app! I use a Garmin eTrex 30 GPS and I updated all my existing waypoints. It runs well on my Lumia 2520. It takes a little bit for my tablet to recognize the GPS device though, first time I tried it seemed that it does not work, but once windows finds the device, the app works fine.