GunShip Military Attack

Gunship Militry Attack] is a Helicopter action game . It’s time for the Final Gun Strike, knocked down the enemies and washed the area out. Embark on the breath taking mission to destroy the enemies vehicles and win the epic battle. There will be different missions in which you will have to attack enemy by using your battle skills. As a front line commando pilot, the pilot has to survive Make sure you are not targeting/hitting citizen do not let the enemies vehicle reach to their camp How to Play: Use arrow keys upward/downward/forward to control the Heli Take Help from Navigation Radar to locate the Target - Tap Fire button to attack on enemy vehicle Play via PC:: - Use horizontal arrows keys from keyboard to rotate heli for Aiming on target - Use vertical arrows keys from keyboard to point helli for Aiming on target and avoid crashing - Use left control key for Firing - Left shift key is for move forward The world's most powerful combat helicopter is at your fingertip Challenge yourself with the next mission or replay a custom mission.


  • Smooth and simple Heli control system
  • Smooth and simple Heli control system
  • Realistic 3D graphics with dynamic lightening and amazing explosion effects