Happy Coloring

Millions of coloring images are waiting for you! Happy coloring with embedded Bing search enables you to easily search and paint, learn alphabet, math, find difference of two similar images on internet for popular cartoons, action figures, fairy, lovely animals, alphabets, puzzles, art, birds, flowers etc as many as you can think of. It is easy to use! It doesn’t need to be complicated to turn your creativity into reality. There is no learning time even for young kids. Input whatever you want to color, click Bing search button and then start painting the artwork. We believe that brilliant, creative ideas can come from anyone, anytime. All you need is a tool to fulfill it. Happy coloring with beautiful design is the right one and free for you. Welcome to happy coloring –it is designed for your big ideas.


  • Discover delightfully painting pages online with embedded Bing image search.
  • Download any photo online to the canvas by just one click.
  • Draw the image with your creativity.
  • Color without the mess, choose color, brush size, undo, redo, clear all.
  • Save images to your gallery and use it later.
  • Relax and enjoy yourself. There is nothing to learn because you already know how to use it.

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11 June 2016

love this I get to color anything that I like heck ya


15 September 2015

it takes to long to load!!!!!!!I hate it!!!!!!


24 February 2014

Every time I click on a picture, the app closes. No coloring - nothing. It is good for nothing. FAIL


27 January 2014

excellent game


11 January 2014

This is a very good app for all ages. I would love for everyone to get this awesome app for themselves and their children.


17 November 2013

This is a great app! Love that you can search for almost any type of picture you want. My only complaint is that you have to work with a select paint pallet. Would love it even more if you could pick your own colors.


11 November 2013

too addicting lol


25 February 2013

This is the best coloring app for kids that I've found in the App Store so far. It has a rich set of features: searching pictures on web -- so you ended up an endless supply of wonder pictures :-); selecting a variety of topics with a single click; or if you want more, simply typing in your own words to search. You can choose different colors, brush sizes, painting/filling modes, saving your pictures. The design is great and it runs smoothly. My 4-year-old daughter loves it!


4 February 2013

I love searching for images and I can search for my favorite disney characters and other characters.


30 January 2013

The search function makes it a unique coloring app. Now I can do coloring on all kinds of pictures. Buttons are also very sweet!!

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