HD Wallpapers Pro

This is a professional hd wallpaper for Windows 8 application, can automatically adapt screen resolution, provide mass of high quality hd wallpaper, and will update daily. It has the lock screen preview, set to lock screen, set to head portrait, the collection, the preservation, the color sort, and other functions, fully meet the needs of the people.


  • lock screen preview
  • set to lock screen
  • set to head portrait
  • collection
  • preservation
  • color sort
  • Visual Feast
  • beautiful pictures

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26 March 2014

It's a nice app with good layout, although I can't really see the difference between this app and the free version except for the favorite feature. Also, the free version has a cooler home screen background


7 March 2013

Running Windows RT device and it never loads. Spinning like it is loading, but never does. Always crashes. I can go to the charms and see the clear favs and other options (they all work). But the app itself never finishes loading something.