Application should be able to calculate the value of BMI (Body Mass Index), BMR (Basal Metabolic Ratio), and IBW (Ideal Body Weight) with minimal input based on simple parameters like Age, Sex, Weight, and Height. The purpose of the Health Calculators is to prompt user for calculating the information regarding his weight and health, how much weight he can gain or reduce. The application also provides information about what is BMI, BMR and IBW, how they can be used to improve health issues.


  • The application felicitates calculation for the following parameters:- ⦁ BMI Calculator ⦁ By entering the Height in Feet and Inches ⦁ By entering the Weight in Kg or Pound ⦁ BMR Calculator ⦁ By ente

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6 August 2014

you have a choice of metrics or inches/ lbs. Other health calculators are strictly metric system.