Hello Paint

Hello Paint is a simple paint app for all age of users. You can create a shape, fill colors on it, draw an image, add text to an image and much more.


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31 January 2015



31 May 2014

It is absolutely useless.


21 January 2014

It keeps kicking me out, keeping me from making my profile image. It also needs a curved lines feature. Maybe an update would help. Please make an update for these reasons.


19 December 2013

this being a small app, is a complete waste of the little amount of space it takes up. utterly useless. why would I only want to be able to draw on a 10th of my screen? developers, if this is your profession please do yourself a favor and discontinue this app, and start with something new


3 April 2013

The page is tiny, copy and pasting from elsewhere is useless, you can't modify the size of the text box once it's drawn, and so much more. DO NOT INSTALL!


28 February 2013

so annoying because the page is tiny and you can only save I picture!!!!!


16 February 2013

The drawing is fine, but you can only save one image at a time! I drew a really good one, and then a crappy one, and the good one disappeared! I got mad, and I had to jrage quit. I am uninstalling right now...


14 December 2012

Too much poor app. It is copy paste app, no creativity Microsoft should not accept this kind of crap and spam apps. http://www.websanova.com/plugins/paint#.UMrXHIOceB8 http://www.websanova.com/plugins/color-picker#.UMrXTYOceB8


9 December 2012

This is close to being a great Paint Replacement, but the small canvas makes it impractical for most yses


28 November 2012

The drawing canvas is only about 1/6th of my screen. And only one finger is supported for drawing.