I Could Have Been Born an Ant

Imagine what your life would be like if you had not been born a human being, but say, an ant, a flower, a bird, a dog, a fish, or even, a gorilla! In this intelligent and appealing new book, a child takes an exciting journey through the animal and plant world and describes how life would have been very different had he or she not been born a little boy or girl. Parents and teachers can use this beautifully illustrated book as a learning tool for the children aged 4-8 to identify many forms of life and to encourage discussion about the differences between their lives and those of animals and plants. Children will have a better understanding of the world around them and thus more fully appreciate their own precious lives.


  • Read to Me - The book has prerecorded narration for playback
  • Record and Play My Narration - The reader can record his or her own narration
  • Coloring - Select pages can be colored and saved
  • Audio Preferences – Different playback options are available
  • Paging Preferences – The reader can select automatic or manual paging
  • Easy Navigation – The reader can go directly to specific pages