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31 January 2016

Really fun


23 January 2016

How do you log into Instructables. I can not find a place to log into Instructables in windows 8.1? I can not find a place to do this. I am forced to use an app. Seems I can not create a shortcut without an app. Thanks


31 December 2015

Go for this app if you are DIY lover. Though it needs many improvement, still it is awesome. Go to web version for complete access.


26 August 2015

I pay for a pro membership and have used this application for some time. With each release iteration I have watched the quality degrade. The application is now unusable and crashes after the splash screen. Device: Surface Pro 3


23 August 2015

Installed Instructables app on my Surface 3 tablet today. When I tried tot run the app, the Instructables splash screen appears , then the Accept/Decline page for the privacy policy. That page was up for about a half second and disappeared. When I tried to bring the app up again, the app would always disappear and at this point is basically useless to me. Uninstalled.


16 May 2015

Downloaded and it assumed the place of my home page. As soon as I connect to the net, it comes up 1st. My home page still indicates that my home page is set to my preference, but Instructables still come up 1st. Grrr!


17 April 2015

This app is alright, but not great. It's not like the android app. I don't see the categories that I'm used to, such as technology. I wish it worked like the one on my phone.


17 February 2015

Great app! Good job, Autodesk!


10 February 2015

I like more than the web version as it is easy to use and in one swipe I can see all the steps. I wish it automatically expanded all the images instead of switching to a slideshow so that I can see the text along with the images I am browsing. From search results, on clicking back, changes the search result sometimes which is annoying. Also, it would be good if you can keep the search result scroll position frozen from where I opened the current instructable.


31 January 2015

Best looking instructables app I've seen, love it!

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