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Top Kids app from Windows Phone: All time favorite full length movies for Kids. Videos have been checked for safety and quality. New movies and videos are added on a regular basis. Now play on Chromecast. Please note: - The app is available in English only. - The videos are played with links from internet.


  • Search videos. Play, Pause, Rewind, Forward
  • Chromecast

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15 May 2016

Cant believe its real and free......


24 April 2016

It is bad l do not like the game the game is not good at all like the game then the wifi was not good at all I search and it said please take a note and I touch rate us and it want me to write about the game and I make a review and I


28 March 2016



23 March 2016

First of all the movies load for far too long. One movie my daughter was watching kept constantly freezing, but the all load for a lengthy time. I purchased this 'ad-free' thinking I'd have access to all every movie...I didn't, so then I purchased what I thought was the complete version... it's not. If I were to play the movies on Chromecast that is $4.99 extra. Unless this can be fix I request a refund


22 December 2015

At first I thought that this was gonna be one of those boring apps that doesn't actually let you WATCH the movies, but it's great! There is only a $7 fee for movies with purple marked titles, because they are newest, but it's a one-time fee. I've already watched 11 movies and I just got this app yesterday. Totally worth the $7, though, so you should definitely consider paying. LOVE THIS APP SO MUCH!!!


14 December 2015

I would gladly rate this app 5 stars if the movies would play or at least load faster please fix this and I will change my rate thank you 😊😊


7 November 2015



11 October 2015

You have to pay for these! The thing says it is free


10 October 2015

App doesn't load right, customer service is non existing. Ive sent emails and have had no response, got charged for a feature that doesn't work. Worst app


26 September 2015

It's amazing!! I recommend getting this app! Can you get some more movies on there? Thx!!

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