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    Fixed interval time of real time remote viewing sensor image (one minute per image) Fixed more in app purchase of texting alert plan bugs Fixed in app purchase errors and updated App logo/splash images For this release, we clarified in description that user will get 30 free alert email with captured sensor images EVERY DAY, then after that for that day, text only emails will be sent. And a simple disclaimer is added. Per Kinect App general guide line: a computer with >=4G ram and i5 or above is preferred for app performance purpose. and due to the intensive infrared image processing process, it is recommended that the App be shut down at night when parents got home so that the Kinect can get some resting time.

Kinect House Monitor

Experience the true artificial intelligence human body detection powered house monitoring system. It is implemented through USB3, Intel i5/i7 CPU, 3 infrared night vision cameras on Kinect sensor, 4/8G of ram (preferred) and state of art most advanced human body detection Kinect 2 technology. The little toy security cameras you got from market come nowhere close to this system. And it got a much bigger area of detection than most motion sensor You specify when the house should be empty. when your kids should be back from school at the end of no people time period. Then you got a text and email with image that your kid got home. How sweet that feeling could be during your busy work afternoon. If after 15 minutes of end time, your kids do not come in house, you also got a text/email to check on kids, if the bus is running late, if they go to friend’s house…. You will get text (with SMS plan) and email alerts with image if human body is detected during no people time period you specified. The sensor can cover much big area than most motion sensor and unlike motion sensor, won’t be tricked by your dog running by. When this App is first installed, user should start with clicking the Step 1: Sensor Setting button to setup alert send to email, house no people time period, (specify start and end time), if you have kid comes back to house at the above specified end time, you can specify if you want an email and text (if texting plan is purchased) to be sent to let you know kid has come home. You can also specify if you want an email / text (if purchased) alert sent to you if kid does not come home 15 minutes after specified end time. User can also specify number of people limit after no people time detected by sensor. This can let you know when kid got visitor. User can get up to 30 alert emails with captured images attached for the above specified alert condition each day. after that, text only emails will be sent for that day. Please note: emails can be delayed or filtered by your receiving email server. Testing shows that our email sending server will work better with yahoo or Gmail, while tend to got blocked by outlook.com email server. So for fast prompt notifications, please consider purchasing our SMS texting plan. User can view Kinect monitor real time image remotely when logged in with the same Microsoft account by clicking the View Kinect Image Remotely button. Kinect sensor images will be downloaded to your computer at every 1 minute per image and will be saved and only saved on your local computer. User has options to view past images by selecting different time span. User can delete image one by one or click Delete All Images button. Each image size and Total saved images numbers are displayed so please regularly clear images to release disk space based on your computer disk space. When running in this remote image view mode, not in Windows focus, but in background, images sometimes may not be loaded at every minutes due to your computer system resource allocation. Click to resume focus will get the every minute back on track. So this system is also good for you to see what your pet up to during the whole time span while you are out while the security camera approach can only give a moment at a certain time. Disclaimer: The App are provided as is without any guarantees or warranty. Although the developer has attempted to find and correct any bugs in the App, the developer is not responsible for any damage or losses of any kind caused by the use or misuse of the App.