Klondike Forever

Enjoy everyone's favorite solitaire game, Klondike. Rich graphics and smooth animation enhance your game-play experience in 3D. Note: If you wish to move partial piles, turn on the "Relaxed Rules" option. The default official rules only allow you to move just the top card, or entire piles.


  • Tilts to any orientation
  • Customizable game rules
  • Cards that move and flip in 3D space
  • Multiple card decks and card backs
  • Auto-saved game state
  • Unlimited undo and redo, with a touch-and-drag slider control
  • Move cards with one-touch, two-touch, or touch and drag
  • Auto-play and auto-flip options
  • One-touch hint to reveal available moves
  • Built-in rules

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28 August 2015

I have a fairly large wide screen but I like to keep the game compact in the center. How can I do this. Help!


16 January 2015

Nice game, best one on Surface Pro 3 that I've found. About the only option it doesn't have that I would like is vegas cumulative scoring. It keeps your percentages of win/lost and number of games. Vegas scoring lets you know how many cards you played to the foundation. Other wise you could play 50 cards to foundation but cannot play the last two and it's a total loss. Where Vegas scoring would credit you for playing the 50 to foundation.


13 April 2014

I love playing solitaire games, but this is the best. Less clicking, because it does all the moves for you. The effects are terrific. A must to add to your collection of games.


14 January 2014

I love this game, it is so beautiful. I love the graphics, whoever is the creator of this game did a wonderful job.


25 December 2013

Several times now it would not allow me to make legal moves. I could not finish the game many times because of this. The play logic needs corrected.


7 June 2013

This is better than the Klondike game included in Windows 7 or 8. Perfect for touch enabled computers, as you don't need to drag cards. I play with a mouse on a desktop, and all you have to do is click the card. This helps my wrists a lot. I have played this game on a Mac, Windows 7, and now Windows 8. Absolutely love it!!!


23 April 2013

I like the game but it does freeze up a lot. I have to uninstall and reinstall to get it to work again which is a BIG minus. IT IS NOW FREEZING UP ALL THE TIME SO THAT IT FOR ME


7 March 2013

works perfect for me after setting options the way I like. much better than the other apps


22 January 2013

It quit working


14 December 2012

Compared to other Klondike games I play, this one seams like it is designed to make it easy to win. Not really a random deal.

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