The Cooks Encyclopedia

The photo cooking course "The Cooks Encyclopedia" comes with 350 recipes. Recipes that were are created, tested, proven and served by some of the best chefs and restaurants on the planet. This is not one of those shovelware apps that find 2000 recipes for tomato soup off of the internet. This is the real thing. If you love and are serious about cooking "The Cooks Encyclopedia" will be fun, entertaining and invaluable. And "The Cooks Encyclopedia" is a tremendous learning tool. Each recipe features step by step demos which show you everything you need to know to successfully learn and create three star dishes or conversely something as simple as a correctly made omelet. Dishes that you will be proud to serve and that your family and guests will love to eat. There are over 20 dressings and cold sauces like tomato pesto with black olives, dill mustard, aioli, a real down home barbecue. A classic remoulade. How about a soy vinaigrette with cilantro? Hot sauces... of course. Balsamic cream sauce. We take the mystery out of hollandaise and show you that it's easier to make an excellent béchamel than to get a horrible one from the supermarket. And let's not forget potatoes. There are 18 recipes and 4 special preparations. Puree, gratin, "Rösti" or puffer, "Schupfnudeln" with salvia and salami, Indian saffron with coconut milk and the definitive recipe for roast potatoes. And soups are always a hit. A real Andalusian gazpacho, fancy and delicious lobster bisque, a classic Italian minestrone, asparagus soup with mint, potato soup, tomato soup... it's all in the app. And then the sweet stuff: Bavarian creme, vanilla souffle, apple donuts, a classic New York cheese cake... dark white chocolate mousse with maple syrup, Zabaglione. Chocolate brownies. These days we are all concerned with eating healthy. I like to cook with vegetable proteins like tempeh, seitan and tofu. My kids love vegetarian goulash, miso soup and tofu with coconut curry and thai basil. Imagine to be able to take all of this with you to the market. So I was going to make asparagus with shaved Parmesan cheese and hazelnuts. Today no asparagus. But what they do have are really lovely zucchini and eggplants. Type in "zucchini". There are 8 different recipes and one preparation. You decide on your recipes and "The Cooks Encyclopedia" makes up your shopping list for you. And before you know it... you are back in the kitchen preparing another memorable meal. It's basically like having a priceless cooking encyclopedia in the palm of your hand. In addition to recipes, complete visual demos and the virtual personal shopper there is a glossary with 450 cooking terms and tables for both well known and exotic ingredients.


  • 350+ recipes;
  • 70 preparations explained in depth;
  • 97 kitchen terms, fully explained;
  • 190 food descriptions;
  • and 3,400+ photos, available offline.