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    What's in this version? •Updated with refreshing & interactive UI, •Updated with sound in Visual dictionary, •Enhanced Content based on Customer feedback.

Learn Finnish by WAGmob

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ WAGmob: An app platform for learning, teaching and training is offering DISCOUNT for a limited time only. Download today!!! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ WAGmob brings you a simpleNeasy, on-the-go learning app for Finnish. Learn Finnish by WAGmob helps you learn in six primary ways: 1) Visual Dictionary: Use our interactive dictionary to look up basic words. Each entry includes a corresponding image and recording, letting you hear how the word is pronounced by a native speaker! 2) Phrasebook: Use our interactive phrasebook to read phrases for the below topics. You can hear its pronunciation at any time by tapping on the card! 3) Writing Alphabet and Numbers: Not only practice reading, but writing the language, letting you test your penmanship and write the language on your own! 4) Vocabulary: Use our vocabulary to look up basic words. Each entry includes a corresponding translation & recording, letting you hear how the word is pronounced by a native speaker! 5) Flashcards: Review what you've learned at any time by using flashcards, tapping to see the meaning of the word on the other side of the card! 6) Quizzes: For any category you can take a multiple choice quiz, take it as many times as you like, and share your final score with your friends! Visual Dictionary on following topics: Fruits and Nuts, Vegetables, Food, Herbs and Spices, Colors, Shapes, Family, School, House, Body Part, Animals, Time-Day-Month. Phrases on following topics: Greetings and General Words, Phrases for Courtesy, Food, Drink and Going Out, Places, People and Family, Travelling Around, General Questions, Medical Emergency, Police Emergency, Shopping, Dating, Sports and the Outdoors. Vocabulary on following topics: People-related, Nature and Geography, Profession, Materials, Cardinal numbers, Verbs, Adjectives and Adverbs, Places, Sports, The Weather. About WAGmob apps: 1) A companion app for on-the-go, bite-sized learning. 2) Over One million paying customers from 175+ countries. Why WAGmob apps: 1) Beautifully simple, Amazingly easy, Massive selection of apps. 2) Effective, Engaging and Entertaining apps. 3) An incredible value for money. Lifetime of free updates! WAGmob Vision : simpleNeasyApp for a lifetime of on-the-go learning WAGmob Mission : A simpleNeasy WAGmob app in every hand. Visit us : www.SimpleNEasyApp.Com Please write to us at Team@simpleNeasyApp.Com. We would love to improve this app.


  • App tools include search, bookmark, and Facebook integration.
  • App includes Tutorials,Flashcards,Quizzes,Phrasebook,Visual dictionary and more.

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25 June 2013

Great if you know how to pronounce all of the words already. However, many of the words do not come with pronunciation; therefore, they are very hard to learn by looking. Google translate can be very helpful though in this process.