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Ready to learn Italian? Whether this is your first time learning Italian, or if you already know some basic Italian and just want to improve your speech and expand your vocabulary, the SPEAKIT LANGUAGE Course will make speaking and understanding Italian much easier than you ever imagined! Each SPEAKIT language-learning course includes 20 videos (a total of around 2.5 hours), with each video covering a different everyday situation, from getting to know people to talking on the phone to shopping - and even to doing business! All in all, you’ll learn a total of 600 essential vocabulary items and useful phrases. When taking a course, you’ll listen to the language, read the subtitles, and repeat each word or sentence you hear - not just once, but twice! This gives you a chance to read... to absorb... and to speak! And, hey, if it doesn’t work for you the first time, it will work the second time or maybe the third. Practice as many times as you want, whenever you feel like it! The most important thing to remember is that you should never to be afraid to speak. OK, so others will guess it’s not your native tongue. So what? Language brings people together, and people always appreciate it when you try to speak their language, even if you make a few mistakes… Each SPEAKIT language-learning course includes the following videos: Preface and Introduction 1. Things You Need to Know 2. Starting to Speak 3. How Much, How Many? 4. Common Questions 5. Important Words 6. Adjectives 7. Numbers 8. Colors 9. Days of the Week 10. Telling the Time 11. Personal Details 12. Hotels 13. Car Rentals 14. Friends and Business 15. A New Language 16. Phone Conversations 17. Restaurants and Food 18. Taxis 19. Public Transportation 20. Shopping Ready to start learning a new language? Let’s get started! Enjoy! Speakit.tv Team ******************** NOTE: In this version only Chapter 1 ("Things you need to know") and Chapter 12 ("Hotels") are available. Upgrade for the FULL VERSION to download all movies of the course. Enjoy! ******************** For more info: www.speakit.tv


  • Italian Video Course | Watch & Speak | 20 lessons | 2.5 hours
  • Movies downloaded are viewed offline! (no Internet is required)

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29 June 2014

doesn't work even a bit.


24 January 2014

I found this to be a great app for those looking for a quick crash course or to brush up on Italian. Its simple and easy to follow and builds its way up from simple useful words to phrases... I plan to use this along with other Italian books and reading material during my deployment in hopes to better able to conversate with the in-laws. I think app is very useful. The video volume is not connected to the PC volume so at first I could not hear anything although I turned up the volume all the way; I thought the volume was faulty... but then went to the PC volume control to find it was all the way down on the PC... Turned that up and actually had to turn it down quite a bit. Great app!


11 April 2013

Great Videos to learn the basic expressions