Little Artist

Little Artist is an app for children that allows them to draw pictures easily using their fingers, touch pen or mouse. You can draw your own picture in a pretty painting environment, using a variety of tools including stickers, stamps, markers, and more. Have fun with new coloring images and stickers.


  • You can use the Drawing Canvas to draw freely, or choose among a variety of background images to color it.
  • There is a variety of tools available, including marker, glitter pen, spray, and stamps.
  • There is a wide range of stickers available.
  • You can even have some interesting animations happening on some backgrounds only by tilting your SlatePC.
  • Update new theme for drawing, coloring and sticker pack.

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12 June 2013

My child usually does not sit still for very long at any one time, but when I pullout my Samsung Ativ 500t and fire up the Little Artist she will almost stop in her tracks and start drawing. It is such a blast to watch her use it!