Loan Payment Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate your payment for mortgage, home equity, credit card, auto, student or any fixed interest loan. Use up to three calculations to check your monthly payments, compare borrowing cost and to determine how quickly you’ll pay off your loan by making additional monthly payments. This calculator also shows you the breakdown between principal and interest in your mortgage payments. Each calculation shows you amortization tables with complete amortization schedules for the loan.


  • Estimate your monthly payment.
  • Determines how much of your repayments will go towards principal and how much will go towards interest.
  • Determine how quickly you can pay off your loans by making additional monthly payments.
  • Know the borrowing cost.
  • Compare up to three possible calculations and plan for the future.
  • Up to three amortization tables with complete amortization schedules.

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10 July 2016

very good


2 December 2014

Lacks printing ability, extra monthly payment not clear why its doesn't reflect on the actual month assigned in the amortization table. Ad toolbar annoying it covers the instructions. I doubt the instructions are helpful.


30 October 2014

I've just installed, tested, and uninstalled 4 loan calculator programs; all rated higher than this one and can't understand who rated them that high. I have to assume it was the developers. Besides actually working (some didn't) this calculator allows you to key-in values (how do you slide bar conveniently to $43,275 @ 3.875%), allows you to compare up to three options side-by-side and provides payment tables.


14 August 2014

Best application for showing my customers different options


9 January 2014

Great mortgage calculator.


4 December 2013

unusable because ad bar is covering instructions and is unmovable


26 November 2013

Pretty much limited if the schedule can not be printed after calculation.


12 April 2013

Too bad I can't save anything. There is no Save.


12 March 2013

Does just what it's supposed to do!


3 March 2013

I like how it lets me compare 3 options and lets me put an extra payment towards one two of the options. I was exactly what I was looking for and didn't see in a couple of others. I would have given it 5 stars if I could have not only mentioned years on the loan, but also months.

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