A simple app for reviewing digital photos, picking favorites, and sharing them with others. Digital cameras are so fast and easy that a single photo shoot can generate lots of similar images. Going through all those pictures to find your favorites is a lot of work unless you have a tool that's quick and efficient and makes it easy to review your images... Loupe is that tool!


  • Simple, straightforward interface supports touch, keyboard, and mouse
  • Image decoding uses all available CPU cores for optimal performance
  • Incremental image loading via embedded thumbnails and preview frames
  • Rich, flexible support for many image formats (including raw images)
  • All photos" and "details" views for skimming and analyzing seamlessly
  • EXIF metadata support and display of camera exposure settings
  • Simple interface for selecting favorite images and captioning them
  • Charm integration for sharing individual photos and collections
  • Complete support for device orientation, application snapping, etc.

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16 October 2014

Simple, easy.