Lucky Unit Conversion

Lucky Unit Conversion is designed to let you do your work in most intuitive way. It has a minimalistic design which looks beautiful, is easy to use and do quick conversions. Simple, elegant & very fast user interface. It is also useful for mathematical calculations and help students while doing their chemistry, physics or mathematics work sometimes they struck in conversions of miles into meters and Celsius into Fahrenheit many more. Otherwise conversions take a lot of time and also confusing. It provides fast and accurate conversions. It makes your life easy and comfortable. At any time you can use it easily. It helps you while doing your business work or for dieting and you can do any kind of calculations. It makes your life easy and you can do your work in seconds. UNIT TYPES INCLUDED: ---------------------- ✓ Angle ✓ Area ✓ Digital Storage ✓ Energy ✓ Length ✓ Mass ✓ Power ✓ Pressure ✓ Speed ✓ Temperature ✓ Time ✓ Volume


  • User-friendly, extremely intuitive interface
  • Different landscape and portrait user interfaces
  • Copy and paste

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25 September 2014

Won`t snap correctly


15 March 2013

I love this app. It's simple to use. It converts everything I need. Fast touch and keyboard. UI look great. Especially, favorite function. It's a good & handy application. The best found so far.


24 February 2013

This app is easy to use and has many conversions! You won't be disappointed, I know that I am not! I love this, it's so easy to use and it's also really handy! It's always there when you need it and it comes packed with features and settings! It has loads of different things to convert and is also very accurate, so you always know you can rely on it - great!


31 January 2013

Earth is 293 Kelvins average temperature and I wanted to know what that was in Fahrenheit. Nothing I had could do that conversion until "Lucky Unit Conversion" said: 67.73 F. You need this great APP for the answers you want on practically any subject of interest. Excellent tool for Astronomy.