Make Them Fall !

The sequel of the popular game Make Them Jump is now available! It's called Make Them Fall. Make all the dudes fall and jump to avoid the obstacles. You can play with all your fingers to control up to 6 dudes. In case you have less than 6 fingers, just ask for some help from your friends! How long can you last out? How to play: Touch the colored region to make the stick man jump to the other side of the wall Tips and tricks: 1. Focus on the right screen For some reason, my rightmost guy dies most often, so it would be best to focus on the right side more. The reason this might be happening is that because we are naturally focusing on the left, so forcing us to focus on the right might actually balance things a little bit and help us get more from each game. 2. Start on Normal difficulty The best way to get used with the game, even for Make them Jump players, is to start on normal level. This game is, in my opinion, a bit more difficult than the first one, so you will need some time to adjust to the new gameplay and mechanics. Start on normal and climb up when you feel ready. 3. Bring in a friend (or more) If you really want to cheat Make Them Fall, you must bring at least one more friend to play with you. The Normal mode played together with a friend is basically an endless scoring opportunity since each of you will control one side. Friends can become extremely helpful on the more difficult game modes and you can probably have up to three playing from all sides of the device. The more, the better your score and the more fun you’ll have! 4. Play on a larger device If you have the option, playing on a larger device – especially if you bring in some friends – is the best way to go. The larger screen makes it easier for everybody to control their own area of the display without blocking the view of others. 5. Play alone with three fingers It will be insanely difficult at first to play with three fingers (and eventually four) but as you train your brain and fingers, you will eventually manage to make it work. Start slowly with the higher levels of difficulty and keep practicing until you can play the game with three fingers (then switch up to four). It will probably bring you way less points than playing with friends would, but the satisfaction you’ll be getting will be bigger too. So in the end, unless you want to really cheat the game and bring in extra hands, it’s all about practicing as much as possible and keeping up with the game’s speed. If you know other Make Them Fall tips and cheats, don’t hesitate to let us know!


  • Make Them Fall
  • Survive as long as you can

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14 July 2015

I cant play tomany gliches


30 June 2015

horrible don't get it is a dumb game!


19 June 2015

amazing app..I loved it !!! :)


12 June 2015

I can't jump at all


9 May 2015

I thought hat this game is a clever one but I think instead of two columns there is just one. I hope this is going to help you


20 April 2015

Looks simple and boring at first, but its actually really fun and improves one's reflex


17 April 2015

this game is terrible! I wish I could give it 0 * nobody bye this game.


22 February 2015

It keeps my mind off of my friend moving


24 January 2015

I didn't mean to put 5 stars love u guys very glitch dfdishgifhsvyfbdy


18 January 2015

This is a pretty good game. My only issue is that sometimes, the people jump over to other people's rectangles instead of jumping to other side of their own rectangles.

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