Malaysia Home Loan Calculator

Malaysia Home Loan Calculator is designed for Malaysia home buyer or foreign property investor based on latest rules and regulations in Malaysia. It is the first all-in-one offline home loan calculator for Malaysia, which includes loan repayment calculation, amortization schedule by year and month, legal fee calculation, Sales and Purchase agreement and loan agreement stamp duty calculation, EPF withdrawal calculator. It also provides latest property news for reference. Features: Home loan calculator: 1. Calculate monthly repayment, total payment and total interest paid based on loan amount, interest and length of mortgage 2. Detail amortization schedule in monthly and yearly basis are provided as well, which shows the principal paid, interest paid and balance for each month Legal fee calculator: 1. Calculate S&P agreement and loan agreement legal fee based on property price 2. Calculate S&P stamp duty based on property price 3. Calculate loan stamp duty based on property price 4. Calculate the total legal fee and stamp duty required based on property price EPF withdrawal calculator: 1. Calculate eligible fund can be withdraw based on property price, loan amount and balance in account News: 1. Show latest property news in Malaysia, powered by Other: 1. Fully offline for all calculators, no Internet connection is required Email: Facebook: Disclaimer: We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy and correctness of the calculations, contents, information or data contained in this app. However, we do not represent or warrant the truth, accuracy, completeness and correctness of the same. We accept no liability for loss or damage suffered or incurred by you or your estate as a result of your reliance on the material in this app or howsoever arising from the use of the information or material presented herein. This app is intended for general awareness purposes only and should not amount to any form of advice.


  • Home loan calculator
  • Legal fee calculator
  • EPF withdrawal calculator
  • Property news
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20 March 2014

Is all u need!


6 March 2014

this app is useful for field calculations of home loans in Malaysia. for version 2, should consider taking into account non-DIBS options as well as developer offers and discounts to make it more attractive.