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Release 5: Minor issue fixed. Release 4: Metro UI with easy swipe. Added Trigonometry Graph & Geometry Polygon formulas ----------- Contains formulas for Algebra, Calculus, Geometry , Trigonometry and Statistics. Now added Kids Math. Added Vector Calculus and the Solids formula.


  • Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Trigonometry & Stats
  • Now Kids Math

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10 August 2015

This app has a lot of formulas; however, it left me wanting more. For example, I wanted the translation matrices for reflection, rotation and translations of shapes. I wanted more 3D geometries displayed, like you see in Schaum's series outlines on geometry, etc., or CliffsNotes Praxis II Mathematics content Knowledge. It has a lot of the stand formulas, so I do like this app, I just want more formulas and diagrams. In addition, I would like to see Flash Cards added to this app. That way, you can print out a list of formulas as a "quick reference" sheet, or you could practice flash cards. Right now, there are no flash cards with this app. It would also be nice if you could pick and choose which formulas to put on a piece of paper (front and back), to customize a formula list for a "quick reference" printout. With this function, I can select the formulas that I am having the most trouble remembering. This is a list, not a tutorial. Add the Unit Circle graph. I like it; but want more...


9 March 2014

this app is very much useful for students. Mostly A level students... good work guys...


31 December 2013

this was a waste of my time and then it want let me delete it


14 December 2013

There's a triple integral on the app's pic, yet there are no formulas featuring triple integrals: i.e. surface area, Divergence theorem. However, I did like the trig identities and formulas. So downloading it was not for naught.


20 October 2013

so this app does nothing other than list some random math equations. could pick this up at the $1. store and would have paid too much.


11 October 2013

very bad...........................


5 September 2013

its ..........very nice


15 August 2013

The average middle/high school student will find all the information concerning formulas they would ever need, however anyone taking higher level math courses, even in calculus or algebra, will find this app lacking in its depth. It would be more appropriate for those students to use a CAS. Still, this app is easy to use, the formulas are categorized correctly, and the formulas are clear (for those that understand the course, obviously).


1 March 2013

Its a very much helpful app... I will give a 5 on 5 .........Almost every important mathematical formulas have been given ...... carry on


20 February 2013

I am sure that when I will install and then start using it I will have a lot fun. I also wants to educate myself as much I can educate myself and mathematic formula .................... will really held me to complete my task! this is amazing. everybody will join this is a promise from me!

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