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    Release 2.2: - Online radios - Database load/save improvement Release 2.1: - Compatibility with PlayTo (As source & target) - Add Repeat 1/Repeat All / Shuffle mode - Get video subtitles automatically (from Opensubtitles.org) - Compatibility with MicroDvd (.sub), Station Alpha (.ssa, .ass), SubViewer (.sub) subtitles format. Release 2.0: - Application renamed to "MediaBox" - Live tiles (Show last played media) - Integration of System media transport control (Play/Pause media directly from Windows, display media info…) - Enable background media playback - Enhanced touch gesture (Simple tap => Play / Pause) (Double tap => Fullscreen / Mini player) - Save video file resume position / Resume file on play - Open external subtitle file (by file picker) - Manage multiple subtitle files - Change subtitles sync offset - Order movies and Tv shows by "Added date" - Multiple item view in movies and Tv shows page: Detail / Cover / Simple - Show video files resume position in movie files and Tv show episodes - Launch season episodes as playlist when one episode is clicked - New Music section: display audio files through 3 views (Artist View / Album view / Track view) - Search online for information on artist, album and tracks - Detailed Artist/Album section - New file browser page with support of audio files ...


MediaBox is a Media Center application that will allow you to explore through a simple and intuitive interface your Movies, TV Shows, Music, Online radios. MediaBox will search and analyze your media files. It automatically identifies your files and downloads information such as movie posters, casting, synopsis, album cover ...


  • Play audio and video files from local hard drive, removable devices, network…
  • Identify and provide information on Movie and Tv show, Music
  • Support video subtitles (.srt)
  • Save last played media and playing position
  • Manage Viewed/Not viewed medias
  • Fast and intuitive interface
  • Support touch / mouse / keyboard interactions
  • Full screen & HD video support
  • Video playing rate & Volume control
  • Play media files in background
  • Mini video player. Continue to watch your videos while navigating in the application
  • Control media player directly from Windows
  • Snapped mode
  • Multiple audio and video formats supported (mkv, ogg, flac not supported)
  • Search subtitles automatically (from Opensubtitles.org)
  • Stream your media with PlayTo. Media stream can be sent to other MediaBox instance, MediaPlayer, XBox, Dlna TVs…
  • Online radios

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27 May 2015

one of the best media apps, one minor bug is that when you pause a movie an the replay it it never goes to full screen, you have to double tap and sometimes that wont work.


19 May 2015

This is a very great app. I LOVE the interface, layout and the fact that it pulls artist photos for the tiles. LOVE, LOVE LOVE... It doesn't however retrieve photos for ALL artistes. I emailed the "support team" for information on this but did not get a response. Another downfall is that it has no editing ID Tags/Metadata capabilities. Once they fix those issues... THIS APP WILL BE GOLDEN!


7 May 2015

I've tried clicking everything and all I have is a black screen and a place for me to search for titles. Once I type in a title, nothing happens. ugh!


12 November 2014

This is how Xbox Video should work. Two things I would add: 1. The ability to do a search for movies and shows the app is unable to find a match for. 2. The ability for the app to open a third party player to watch MKV files.