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    - Create new account. - Upload of photos, videos, sounds and texts.


Thanks to memory-life app, never lose an opportunity to protect and to take advantage of your memories! Now you can display all of the photos, videos, sounds, and texts from your memory-life account on your computer and your tablet. Your memories can easily be displayed on your screen so that you can enjoy them in original and customised ways. Amaze your friends and family and enhance your favourite moments. A simple and different way to tell the story of your trips, your family memories, and the important events in your life on your television screen to spend quality time with your friends and family. http://memory-life.com in a few words Capture your best moments The first words of your child, the photos of a concert, the film of the evening of yesterday or a word of love... Immortalize the events, (photo, video, vocal recording, note) and share them as original visions or films Access your memories anywhere The album of your life is securely available on your mobile, your TV, wherever you are And always be able to find them again. your photos, videos, text messages, VHS cassettes, and super 8 films are finally collected, secured, and alwayd readable.


  • Discover all your memory-life account (photos, videos, audios, texts)
  • Rebuild your history in photos and videos. Rediscover your most beautiful moments through the time line
  • Enjoy your memories thanks to the slideshow
  • A memory-life account is necessary; Create one for free http://memory-life.com

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17 October 2014

great idea


7 March 2014

When will the people understand the meaning of the phrase "Cloud Computing"? It is nice to access all my photos on my laptop and tablet but once and awhile, it would be nice to access them over the phone as well that way (ANYWHERE) This is a major issue. The tablets and pcs will have one service but then the phone has something completely different? Come on. "A new era of computing has risen." Quote Steve Ballmer CES 2011.


2 June 2013

Don't see the purpose of this app. All you can do is add photos. You cannot add comments etc. How is this Different from Storing photo on my tablet?


28 April 2013



23 April 2013

Amazing app to travel in my memories: photos, video, audio recording Almost unreal how easy it is to fly to the 90s