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  • Category: Security / Personal security
  • Published by: Jimmy Byrd ?
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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    *****Release 2.0.16***** Removed accidental introduction of ads to paid version *****Release 2.0.15***** Windows 8.1 Release Fix for Search bar *****Release 1.0.14***** Recycle bin bug fixes *****Release 1.0.13***** Bug fixes *****Release 1.0.12***** Start searching by typing Password box on edit password screen now hides password until cursor enters *****Release 1.0.11***** Significant performance increase for opening and saving high encryption round databases Hotkeys for copy username (Ctrl+B) and copy password (Ctrl+C) Login and Semantic zoom UI updates *****Release 1.0.10***** Ability to move password entries Improved open URL feature UI Improvements Small bug fixes *****Release 1.0.9***** Added Password Generator Added ability to delete folders Small UI Tweaks *****Release***** Ad Free Release *****Release 1.0.8***** Open Entry URL from app bar Small UI fixes *****Release 1.0.7***** Can pick a KeePass 2.x database with a different extension like .doc or .docx (7Pass) *****Release 1.0.6***** Fixed problems where ads were covering certain parts of the app Small UI tweaks *****Release 1.0.5***** Metropass now remembers your last opened database and keyfile Metropass will now lock database after time configured in settings Metropass now clears clipboard after time configured in settings Added Support & Feedback to settings Fixed a bug with deleting entries Ads should no longer steal focus


Metropass is a KeePass client for Windows 8 and Windows RT. Keepass is a password management application for Windows, with compatible clients for other platforms. It helps you store and keep track of your Username and Passwords in a safe, encrypted database. This version is ad free and DOES NOT require internet. Use MetroPass to work with your existing KeePass 2.x database file, or create a new database from scratch. Easily enter and edit passwords, copy user names and passwords to the clipboard, and launch websites directly from the app. Got feedback or ideas? Checkout the uservoice: http://metropasswin8.uservoice.com/ or click the support link below.


  • Store usernames and passwords
  • Copy and paste with ease
  • Use existing KeePass 2.x database
  • Launch websites directly from the app
  • Convenient extended view of your database, optimized for Windows 8 and Windows RT.
  • Use the search charm to find entries easily
  • Lock database after minutes of inactivity
  • Clear clipboard seconds after copying
  • Remember's your last opened KeePass database
  • Use semantic zoom to find folders easily
  • Can pick a KeePass 2.x database with a different extension like .doc or .docx (7Pass)
  • Ad & Internet Free

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14 September 2014

Just changed my 5 star review to this. Seems support has stopped. App crashes in snap view. The awesome and functional snap view from a year ago is gone anyways.


19 February 2014

good program, worth the $$ to keep it in metro


28 January 2014

The app crashes when using snap view. I submitted a support request in December and have never had a reply or acknowledgement.


26 December 2013

Using a database and key file that opens on both Ubuntu and Android but will not load at all in this app. Wasted $2.


4 December 2013

Nice work. Absolutely love the Skydrive integration.


22 October 2013

bought it because of the high rating, however this app crashes everytime I enter a password. I'm using Win 8.1 and tried to store kdb and key files on local disk, skydrive, dropbox. Can't get pass the login which is a dealbreaker.


30 September 2013

When I try to open my database, which I use at another computer, MetroPass crashes immediately


20 September 2013

Today's update caused reordering of folders/categories, i.e., loss of alphabetization. New folders were created that contained no password records. Other than this incident, MetroPass has been operationally flawless


3 July 2013

NO documentation. Not really keepass. Won't interface or sync with keepass apps on other plarforms. A scam.


4 June 2013

Makes all my desktop managed passwords available on my tablet. Lacks a lot of the features of KeyPass, but it's only version 1. At least you can add and update the entries. But be careful, there's no history. After trying it free, I was so happy with it I bought the advertisement free version even though the ads weren't bothersome.

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