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  • Category: Social
  • Published by: 雪猫 ?
  • Size: 1.2 MB
  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
  • Language: English (United States) and 2 other languages ?
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  • Notes:
    [December 16, 2015] v2.19.2.75 Fixed a bug to crash search flyout on Windows 10 Fixed a bug of keyboard shortcut Error handling [November 9, 2015] v2.19.1.72 Bug fixes (cannot open profile page on Windows 10, cannot display ads in minimum window) [September 7, 2015] v2.19.0.71 Delete old quote tweet Add tweet button Add Application Insights [August 16, 2015] v2.18.0.70 Option to open image in browser Original size image Fix app cooperation [February 17, 2015] v2.16.5.64 Insert title into text when url is shared [February 6, 2015] v2.16.4.63 Change text of shared Fix bug to get images [February 6, 2015] v2.16.3.62 Improve showing images and videos [February 4, 2015] v2.16.2.61 Support animated gif with streaming [February 2, 2015] v2.16.1.60 Improve showing images [January 29, 2015] v2.16.0.59 Support animated gif with streaming (temporary) [December 30, 2014] v2.15.2.58 Let timeline buttons large Change login text Fix name of in reply to Sale price (\1,000 => \500) [September 28, 2014] v2.15.1.56 Alter ads [September 16, 2014] v2.15.0.54 Inprove to show in reply to tweet Show year and month before 1 year ago tweet Link to mute accounts Add AdDuplex [August 31, 2014] v2.14.0.53 Favorite & Retweet Show official multi images [July 25, 2014] Released for all over the world [July 21, 2014] v2.13.0.51 Client mute Change font from "Global User Interface" to "Meiryo"


Metro + Bevy. Many tweets for touch UI. This application is made for me. Mevy let you view tweets realtime and notify you mentions. You can do every action at ease. This app requires Twitter account. Please prepare the account yourself.


  • Streaming timelines (home, mentions, my tweets, list)
  • Multi column
  • Tweet, Reply, Favorite, Retweet
  • Notification
  • Upload image
  • Show thumbnail, Show image, Save image
  • Shortcut keys (N: new tweet, Ctrl+Enter on tweet text: tweet)
  • Select multi tweets (swipe tweet)
  • Share (Text, URL, Image, Image files)
  • Mute user (Official)

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10 January 2015

I have a UHD display, it should allow it to use the right side for links and pictures. Currently I can see only mentions on the right side.


26 September 2014

Surprisingly good app, has (by default) a main stream and one for @ mentions. Very nice layout and unlike the official app I can actually share to this one without it crashing or simply not working.


30 December 2013

Thanks dev for the app!