Micro Car

Microcar Collectors Short description: Drive your microcar against AI opponents in 7 different arenas. Collect your target balls before the others collect theirs by controlling your car using touch or mouse. Distract opponents by crashing into them or move their targets. - Control: Touch or Mouse. Simple taps or clicks where you want your car to drive to. - Blue: You control the blue car and collect blue balls. - 2 opponents driven by Artie. (Artie is Artifical Intelligence. Kind of. Or Artifical Stupidity. You'll see :) ) - Collect your 5 balls before Artie collects his targets to win a match. - Win 3 matches to win the challenge. (best of 5) - 7 different arenas in random order. - Have fun crashing and bouncing with 2D physics.


  • 7 arenas
  • 2 AI opponents

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21 June 2013

Beat That COM 1 And COM 2