Microsoft Research Video Library

The Microsoft Research Video Library app for Windows 8 enables you to watch selected videos from Microsoft Research. These videos comprise a unique set of lectures in the fields of science, computer science, education, and scholarly communication. The lectures present noteworthy — and often provocative — work by leading researchers, academics, and scientists. They also present seminal work by some of the foremost thinkers in their respective fields.


  • Browse or search the collections of videos
  • Add videos to your watchlist
  • Smooth Streaming technology ensures the video plays at the best quality possible at the available Internet connection speed
  • View slides and transcripts in sync with the video
  • Choose the playback speed you want: .5x, 1x, 1.5x, or 2x
  • For videos with slides, you can choose to show or hide them
  • For videos with a transcript, you can choose to show or hide the transcript, or show it as caption text
  • Use Microsoft Translator to translate transcripts into a different language

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9 February 2015



28 November 2014



18 June 2014

Still Getting "The video failed to play" upon selecting any video from the app. Windows 8.1 DirectX 11 card Ivy Bridge processor 12GB memory


15 April 2014

Why doesn't Microsoft Research Video app play on the Surface? The website is fantastic... the app, not so much


9 April 2014

Really like the simplicity of of the app. It's all about the content. How about a Window Phone version?


8 April 2014

Videos don't play for me.


21 March 2014

Over half the videos do not work.


19 January 2014

Well worth the install! This plus Khan Academy and a couple other online course sites have turned my Surface Pro into a powerful learning machine.


4 November 2013

I loved the Feynman lectures. The rest is not interesting.


19 October 2013

Offline mode would be great for the bus commute...

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