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    New to this release 1. Removed dependency on all mandatory fields. Only model name, phone number and email are mandatory. 2. Witness button has been removed. If your subject is a minor you will be required to sign a witness signature and a parent signature 3. Fixed a bug with the way IsMinor was being set 4. Fixed font size for release terms buttons. 5. Added format validator for DOB. 6. Added new button and function for deleting model release term items. 7. Renamed 'Delete Release' to 'Delete Model'. 8. Added New Application Features page. 9. Fixed bug in email with signatures. 10. Made email company logo smaller.

Model Release RT

Model Release RT is a professional grade model release application. This will allow you to capture model releases before you do a photo shoot. This will reduce the amount of paper releases that you need to carry with you to on-location shoots or studio shoots. Privacy Statement This application has the ability to transmit data over the internet. This application does not collect, store or retain any personal information for the user accounts of the Windows Surface. This application will collect and store information of a model that you legally ask for information. All information will be removed from the device after an uninstall


  • Create, list and delete model release information.
  • Capture a models photo for release identification
  • Capture model signatures using the signature pad feature
  • Capture parent or guardian signature using the signature pad feature
  • Capture witness signature using the signature pad feature
  • Add custom release terms (legal information) to your model releases.
  • Signature pad requires the use of Touch or Type Keyboard mouse or USB Mouse.
  • Ability to backup of application data to OneDrive
  • Added support for English-Canadian locale

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17 February 2015

No apparent way to edit once form is saved. No easy way to email.


3 December 2014

Obviously a real photographer did not design this app. Photographer info keeps listing a different State. No Add New Model button. No SAVE and Email to model button.Where does the model sign?//


30 October 2014

As noted by others, while communication with the developer is quite good. None of the updates have made it to the release. I am still (after several months) unable to select provinces and cities. This app is limited only to US states and cities. I have not been able to use this ONCE. What a waste of money.


4 October 2014

I asked the author over 2 years ago to add an option for not selecting a US state and to leave that info blank and to be able to enter a non US phone number but he was unable to do that during this time no matter that he promised that in an email.


2 March 2014

Worst model release program ever. For one thing this thing has an obsession with north Carolina. No matter what I do it keeps changing my location to it. Even in my photographers info section. Tried emailing myself the completed releases and got just the text no sigs or photo. I also currently use one made for the iPhone called easy release which works flawlessly just an obviously smaller screen. Looks like I will be using my iPhone's easy release instead of this garbage. I hope they come out with a working model release program for the rt soon


19 July 2013

Nice, clean, and very intuitive. Within minutes I was able to get up and running. The ability to grab signatures using the Surface Pro pen or a fingertip is perfect! Suggestions - Allow for importing client information from an existing database, e.g Outlook, or allowing to save info in the app before the client arrives. It would be helpful to not have all fields as required as well. The goal of both suggestions would be to minimize the time required at the time of the session.


20 May 2013

What if I don't have the model right in front of me and I want to print out a release in PDF and send it to be signed? This seems like a no-brainer thing to have included. But I cant save the model release till a model signs it. I don't see an option anywhere to print it? Come on man! So if this is going to be a useful App I should be able to get to the model releases to print them out. We should be able to fill out a release and print it and add the PDF back into the program. PRINT!


14 April 2013

This is a really good app. I love the ability to add a photo to each release. Would like to see the addition of the photographer being able to sign as well. Along with being able to save a models profile so you don't have to type all the same information every shoot.


13 April 2013

This is the best Model Release app I've seen on any platform. Not only can you create your own set of custom release forms, but you can further customize per record. One of the best features is gathering the signature and a photo of the subject to attach to the app. This is a great feature when you are photographing large numbers of people at an event. The only flaw now is an error with the Share charm to email the Release, but the developer promises a fix. Excellent support, too!


5 February 2013

This app handles my model release needs. Simple and easy to use. Plus the support is fast and excellent. Always room for improvement but I highly recommend this app!