Modern Periodic Table

The Modern Periodic Table provides the known properties of all the 118 Elements. Many interactive features have been added to make the application much intuitive to use and easy to learn. For professionals who need more properties of the elements, a sorted list of about 86 properties have been included. Internet connection is not necessary unless for viewing images of the elements. ----------PRIVACY POLICY----------- This application does not require internet connection other than for viewing images of the elements. The source of the images are provided in the Attribution section in settings pane. Otherwise, the application does not receive or share any of the user's data. For more information, contact the author.


  • No internet required except for images of elements
  • Interative Features - Timeline, Temerature, and Series
  • Grouped properties for easier reference
  • Complete list of 86 properties in seperate page
  • Full screen images
  • Series colored for easier reference

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7 June 2013

I really like the interactive nature of the periodic table. The sliders really bring chemistry to life. Simple and categorized details is also a big plus.