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  • Category: Books & Reference / E-reader
  • Published by: McCowan Interactive ?
  • Size: 1.3 MB
  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
  • Language: English (United States)
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  • Notes: - Stability Improvements 1.2.0 - Stability Improvements - Added Analytics API to collect data around errors 1.0.23 - Bugfix for comic pages sometimes missing the bottom of pages. - Memory requirement improvements 1.0.21 - Ad supported unlimited trial mode 1.0.19 - Fix for comics occasionally being marked as corrupted when browsing through them - Updated to support Windows 8.1 1.0.14 - Fix for intermittent crash when resuming the app - Handler for long file name errors (warns you and removes the comic from the list) - Added log file for error reports 1.0.13 - Added Two Page View support - Multiple auto zoom modes - Added bookmark support (returns to last read page) - Added graphic mark to indicate a book is in progress - Alphabetical auto sorting - Options menu to set preferences 1.0.10 - Fixed some stability issues caused by the previous update - Added code to handle corrupted index files gracefully 1.0.8 - Added index-thumbnail view to comic viewer for quick page navigation - Updated Comic and Folder thumbnail appearances - Comics are now labeled as "Finished" after reading them - Added function to label comics as Read/Unread in app bar - Added prompt to go to the next comic after the last page - Added link to Support page


Build a comic library on your own computer! Designed for Windows 8 and optimized for the Microsoft Surface, this comic reader features the ability to load and organize your comics into separate folders for each series. Viewing comics in ModernComix is a breeze. The pages auto zoom to fill the screen, and allow you to pan and zoom around in a natural and convenient way. Turn on the Double Page View mode to use your whole screen when viewing on widescreen devices! ModernComix remembers where you left off and automatically returns you to that page when you return to the comic. When you finish the comic, it's thumbnail is marked as finished so you can easily remember which books you've already read. ModernComix loads your comics directly from your local file system without building it's own cached versions. With performance in mind, it will load your comics quickly, while avoiding using up extra space on your device. Currently supported file formats: *.cbr, *.cbz Trial version is ad supported, when purchased advertisements are removed.


  • Comic Reader
  • Reads CBR and CBZ files
  • Library Management
  • Optional Two Page Viewing
  • Pan and Zoom support

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12 December 2012

Few features I'd like to see added, and I urge the dev to try to debug on a surface rt. Importing books from SkyDrive is buggy. Edit: I take it back, this app is CRASH CITY. Please debug.


7 December 2012

Has some stability issues but it's one of the best readers out there


3 December 2012

I've tried nearly all of the Metro comic book readers from the app store and this is the best. Best readers I've used: ComicRack for the desktop and ComicZeal for the ipad. MC falls somewhere between both which isn't bad for a first release. You can create a library in the app from your comics in the file system. Also lets you tap to change pages instead of swipe. Needs: Auto bookmark for unread comics Improve image for comic series Library enhancements like issue ordering Default zoom setting