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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    For low-end devices, reduce sensitivity level to conserve system resources. While monitoring, the application and the camera stay active. Be sure your device is well charged or running on AC power if you intend to leave it monitoring overnight. Setting record media option to video may take more resources. Be sure you have enough storage space.

Motion Capture

Utilize attached cameras to visually monitor what comes in sight. 'Capture' button on the middle of the screen also works as motion level indicator. Wave to the camera and adjust sensitivity to your comfort level. Push the button to start or stop monitoring. When motion is detected, pictures are taken every second and stored by date-time in user's Pictures Library under "Motion Capture" folder. You may choose to record video by setting record media option. Video will be taken and stored by date-time in user's Video Library under "Motion Capture" folder.


  • Capture motions and store pictures in your picture library.
  • Adjustable sensitivity level.
  • Shadow mode to hide the screen while monitoring. Tap again to show the screen.
  • Capture' button indicates motion level with color: white (no motion), orange (motion detected), red (motion being captured)
  • Record media as photo or video.

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21 April 2015

Crashes every time it starts to record


21 March 2015

After hours of waiting for what I was trying to capture, I found that the app simply crashes whenever it detects motion. Fail.


4 January 2015

I have downloaded twice, still no option to record video. Under "Option" tab the slider is grayed/locked out in "photo" mode. Also, no way to change picture quality. The photos captured are tiny, about 45k per photo. I wish there was a way to change photo quality and run the video option. It would be a 5 star app if these 2 issues were corrected. I have a surface rt tablet.


13 November 2014

What's the point when you already have a camera that saves your photos


8 August 2014

Thanks to whoever made this. This app is so useful!


21 July 2014

This is the app i was searching for months its absolutely fine . After all thanks to the publishers for such a wonderful app I wish if it would videos too please can you do that


2 May 2014

It does what it's supposed to do and free.