Movies OnLine

The application Movies OnLine collects in an organized Youtube's shares and allows its viewing or if the content is unauthorized for viewing in the app, linking directly to the YouTube page.


  • Play Movies and Videos
  • Play Movies and Videos Full Screen
  • Play Movies and Videos Snap
  • Select Movies and Videos
  • Search Movies and Videos
  • Pause Movies and Videos
  • Select Movies and Videos category

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11 January 2015

This app isn't very enjoyable, the only and first movie that I didn't even choose was blocked in my country. Movie Icons are very tiny and placed to the right side of the player, it didn't feel comfortable to me. I'm uninstalling this thing.


3 October 2014

great application with good interface and categories. nice collection of movies. but some movies are not playing due to region restriction. however good job developer!


13 August 2014

downtube is the best thing I seen so far


20 April 2014

best movies


16 April 2014

Many don't work and aren't good but that's understandable since they're free. Besides, there are tons of them, and they get updated a lot!


1 December 2013

I have tried playing movies with this app, but everytime I select a movie to play I keep getting the same screen with snow that says this movie is not available at this time. I have tried 4 or more movies and it always says the same.


30 November 2013

blood and sand


22 November 2013

needs to be organized better. movies are categorized by illiterates don't know comedy from horror go figure the young people today.


17 November 2013

Idk what the other people are using that's giving them difficulty but no problems here. Fires right up and grab popcorn.


16 November 2013

Excellence !!!!! Bagus buanget. Sae pisan

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