MTG Watchlist

Find the best MTG deals anywhere on eBay. We compare eBay's prices with to show you the best deals. We'll watch eBay for cards you need and notify you when new deals are available. Save money and shop with confidence thanks to MTG Watchlist. - Compare eBay's prices with and MTGGoldfish - Search or browse BuyItNow deals for the cards you need - Find great deals on Auctions ending soon


  • Find the best MTG deals available anywhere on eBay
  • Compare prices with and see price history on MTGGoldfish
  • Conveniently search or browse for BuyItNow deals on cards you need
  • Looking for specific cards? Add them to your watchlist to be notified when a deal shows up on eBay

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3 June 2015

Could use more features in the future. Overall pretty simple to use.


2 May 2015


11 April 2015

But it is missing the most recent block from its search list :(


23 January 2015

Does exactly what it says by pulling down market data from TCGplayer and comparing it to eBay's current listings. API done well, sir.


29 March 2014

Would be nice to be able to control the volume on the app.


12 January 2014

Any MTG player should find this app useful. It let's you monitor eBay deals on MTG cards and make opportunistic purchases. It's great to dock to the side and leave running while you do other things on your computer. While TCGPlayer is still the most useful when you have a decklist and want to buy all the cards now, this app is more geared toward opportunistic purchasing of cards, which is nice if you have a cube or don't mind buying cards you don't have immediate use for. Since the app takes Shipping and Handling into account, there aren't always great deals compared to the best TCGPlayer price, but every once in a while you can spot really good deals. I'm looking forward to future features that make this useful for more than opportunistic buying.


4 January 2014

While this is quite a nice app, it's missing a very important feature: a watchlist of the cards I'm looking for. The comparison with TCGPlayer's prices (and subsequent sorting by discount) are perfect, but useless if I'm not looking for the cards it shows. Filtering results by a custom list of sought cards would make this a perfect app in my book.