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Music Deals gives you access to the best music at great prices! Each week, you’ll find deep discounts on new and classic albums you should own. Music Deals will keep you informed about the latest and greatest deals.


  • Browse discounted music offers, new each week
  • Click “Get It” to get the album
  • See the latest deals on your Live Tile

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1 September 2015

With last update (end of August 2015) the app no longer opens. Starts to load and within few seconds it crashes and closes. Shame since like to see this music store compete with the "other two" music options.


4 July 2015

Well, that's almost the title of the famous jazz standard, but it is not. Is really a question! Is there any jazz featured in this app?


16 May 2015

Prices are not considered DEALS anymore, 6.99 is the cheapest I've seen. BOO!


10 March 2015

The screenshots of the application would suggest false advertising. They depict an app that showcases deals 80% off or more! That is not the case. Update the screenshots to reflect what people will experience when they download this app. When this app first debuted, was fantastic! I could actually justify buying digital music. It just doesn't seem like digital albums should be worth as much as a CD. This app used to showcase albums on sale for $1.99, $2.99, and the $0.99 album of the week. Now it seems useless.


10 February 2015

This app started strong with great content and great deals - free, $1.99, $2.99. Now, not so much. Bring it back, please!


3 February 2015

Easy to download and easy to pay. Deals are good deals if it is a collection you want


27 January 2015

Only three titles per week and $6.99 is the price after discount... hardly a music deal. The "other two guys" give you a better selection and bigger discounts.


25 January 2015

You can't try before you buy. This app switches you to the Xbox store first. It also doesn't tell you there's a $1 tax on all albums. That's a 50% tax! Why not just say $2.99 sale on old albums? Also, you have open the app everyday or a 3 day sale ends up lasting a whole week!


21 January 2015

Was pretty darn good for quite a while there. Lots free, $1.99. Then we went to 3 albums @$6.99/$7.99. lets put up some 'deals'. Three stars and falling.


14 January 2015

I cant seem to get the app to open anymore. it just takes me back to the main windows screen

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