My Grandpa and Me

From early childhood I was always in awe of my Grandpa. I would follow him, and try to act like him. I wanted to be just like him. His stories would hold me spellbound, as I set on his lap. The example he set as a grandfather is what I aspire to be to my own grandchildren. I wrote this in Ramie’s voice. It is what I thought Ramie would think of me. Each page is a memory I have of her. I am hoping to touch the hearts of all parents and grandparents, and cherish each memory with your children. Grandpa Steve


  • Read to Me - The book has prerecorded narration for playback
  • Record and Play My Narration - The reader can record his or her own narration
  • Coloring - Select pages can be colored and saved
  • Audio Preferences – Different playback options are available
  • Paging Preferences – The reader can select automatic or manual paging
  • Easy Navigation – The reader can go directly to specific pages