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    v1.1.0.0 - 11th June 2013 - NEW: Error handling system - NEW: Error reporting system - FIXED: Crashing issues when one attempts to Save an image in Snap View - UPDATED: Changed the way an image is fetched from the server, negating all fetch problems v1.0.0.0 - 2th May 2013 - Initial Release

My Little Pony Wallpapers

For all Bronies, Ponify your Windows 8 device with this app! This app downloads a random image on request from a server with over 3500 My Little Pony wallpapers. Set the image as your Lock Screen or save it to your computer to use as a wallpaper! ----- Wallpaper compilation from alquimerico. My Little Pony © 1999-2012 Hasbro, Inc. TM, ® and My Little Pony character names are trademarks of Hasbro. I'm not affiliated with Hasbro or any of their subsidiaries. No copyright infringement intended.


  • Fetch a random My Little Pony background from over 3500 available backgrounds
  • Set fetched background as a Lock Screen image
  • Save fetched background to the computer
  • Set saved fetched background as the desktop background

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17 July 2015

it keeps on stoping and not working


25 April 2015

Mine worked awesomely for a really long time, but then all of a sudden, it stopped working. Now, it crashes and closes the app every time I press "Fetch a Wallpaper." Overall good app, but I wish it would still work


5 April 2015

This is a great app to buy. You can download any wallpaper from the app. The wallpaper will immediately go to your lock screen. It is a fantastic app for all ages.😉😉


26 February 2015

I like this app and all but it keeps saying couldn't get image or something like that! I will rerate once this stops!


26 October 2014

Awesome app, except some of the pics have bad language on them, and there might be little kids on here. Plus, I keep seeing Applejack pics!


10 October 2014

anyways this progam DOSE NOT WORK!!!!! but once it works i bet it might be cool so 2 stars D:<


12 September 2014

this is so awesome! Such a fan has even ditzy or what ever her name was!


29 June 2014

This app is 20% cooler except for the fact that there is totally not enough Rainbow Dash! And I like all the ponies. And there should be a category way to look up what kind of pony wallpapers you want, otherwise it's a great app!


16 April 2014

I don't think any of us appreciate the greatness of this app. I sit for hours doing this and saving all of them!


12 March 2014

Im a my little pony fanatic. while I was typing this I was listening to BBBFF and Flim Flam Brothers Song. The only problem was that some of the pictures were plain.

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