My PC Playbook

My PC PlayBook is a comprehensive Windows Store App that educates and aides its users with the most common computer related problems. It serves as a guide on removing malware, rogue software programs, and virus. It also educates users about computer safety and computer jargon. It also aides its users on how to do a system recovery and recommends software that will get the job done. Finally, we have teamed up with TechShield to help you if the task is not covered or you are in need of additional help, and they will serve as our service providers. Here are the topic and what is covered: o Computer Safety: o Overall Computer Safety o How to spot fake emails * o Online shopping o How to spot phishing sites * · Recommended Software: o Anti-virus o Multimedia o Online backup o Productivity software o Software tools o Web browsers · Virus and Malware Removal: o Directions on how to remove a virus like a the professionals. * · System Recovery:* o How to perform a system recovery on the most popular computer manufactures brands. · Computer Jargon: o Computer terms in plain English. · Tips and Tricks: o Help that covers phone numbers to the manufacturer's *, troubleshooter, our trusted service providers, and our support forums. o Tips and tricks for windows—Windows shortcuts *, Windows 8 and 7 tips and tricks o Your questions answered by real computer technicians. o How-to-videos * o New from us As you can see this program covers a lot of information ,and it should serve as your computer guide when you are in need of help. Visit to learn more. This program is designed to be used in Windows 8, but many of the topic apply to all versions of Windows (XP, VISTA,Win7). Upgraded to now support Windows 8.1 * Only available in the paid version (Full).


  • Educates its users how to remove virus and Malware like the professionals.
  • Educates its users about computer safety.
  • Shows users how to do a system recovery.
  • Show users how to spot and avoid phishing sites and computer scams to help you avoid them.
  • Recommended software that will get the job done!
  • Computer jargon to plain english.
  • News regarding in the computing world.
  • Questions asked to the computer technician.
  • Computer tips and tricks.
  • Safety tips for online shopping
  • How-to videos
  • Window Keyboard Shortcuts

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16 January 2015

Constantly crashes, almost everything requires purchasing the app. What is the point a trial if you can't try anything? I don't agree with his treatment of torrents, I have used it to download plenty of open-source software that is perfectly LEGAL! A lot of small developers use this service to share their software because their website can't handle the bandwidth.


3 January 2013

Hi Mike, I'm delighted that you enjoy my app! My vision is to help computer user’s repair and fix common problems with their computer that can save them money now and over time. You might have noticed that this app as grown from its initial release, and it will continue to grow as computers world changes. I am the developer of My PC Playbook , and I had to rate this app in order to respond to this post, and I feel this is a five star app. I want to encourage others to take it for a test drive.


14 December 2012

Ever wondered how the professionals get things done. Well here's your chance to read the same material and know how's. Why spend tons of money getting your computer repaired whey you can do it your self. In this app you will find most of the common problems people encounter and a way to fix it. save your self some money and read the comprehensive tutorials listed in this app.