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    Compare product features Price tracking Persistent settings and history across multiple devices Integrated search with autosuggestions Today's top selections from BestBuy Live tiles, pin your favorite products and categories Share your favorite deals with your friends Sort by best sellers, biggest savings, lowest price, top reviews Shopping insight comprising: bundles, related products, frequently purchased deals Quick app bar navigation integrated with top categories and with recently viewed items Tutorial to improve feature discovery Quality improvements ChannelCells Team


Get awesome deals with #myshopper accessing a huge selection of products from BestBuy.com catalog. Track price drops for your favorite products, take advantage of bundles and special offers, compare product features, access comprehensive details and product reviews, find related products, get shopping insight plus many more. Start saving today, download #myshopper app from Windows Store.


  • Shopping cart handled by Best Buy
  • Great product selection, with integrated search
  • Save money and track price drops for your favorite products
  • Comprehensive product details and product reviews
  • Top choices for each category
  • Shopping made easier

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13 March 2013

Myshopper is probably the best looking Win 8 app, but this is the only good thing about it. It is slow to browse items. I am not sure if the problem is with the app, the OS, or the fact that I am using it on a tablet, but half of the time it is loading and loading, and those dots at the bottom are running and running...... Attempted to use it a few times, but just cant wait it to load on every click. And this new Modern UI of Win 8, grhhhh (excuse my rant).


12 December 2012

This app gets the job done for electronic shopping, but a few minor omissions. Review >> http://throughthepanes.wordpress.com/2012/12/11/myshopper/


27 November 2012

I love how it is very fluid and not something BS. The app actually works!


25 November 2012

I was browsing for a new laptop and tried quite a few apps to see what's out there for Black Friday, was really disappointed until I found this one... it was so much easier for me to check out the items I care about, I love the quick bar... one ask is to make it easier for me to filter by price, I know I am cheap but heck I don't want to pay more than I need for my new laptop... I might actually buy the 17inch hp pavilion from you still trying to see if I can get it cheaper elsewhere...


24 November 2012

Guys, I'd give you a five, but... please save that nice recently viewed list for next time when I use the app. I know you have pin, but I like the history more. Otherwise yap, you're definitely on the right track, your app is better then some of the big names out there, and this is one of the best shopping apps around: fluid, fast search and quite a few very nice deals on electronics this Black Friday. Cheers! Save me the recent history and we'll talk again