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NAV Search Free is the demo version of NAV Search. NAV Search provides the ability to search for keywords across master data records in your NAV-X database. Search across Contacts, Customers, Vendors, and Items instantly. Limitations of Free Version: NAV Search Free is limited to functioning with Dynamics NAV "Demo Companies," specifically the Company Name must begin with CRONUS. All other app functionality is included. See the full version of NAV Search for use with a Production database/company. Requirements: By default, the NAV Search Free app will search "demo data" from a built in demo database. You have the ability to point the app at a NAV-X database or Microsoft Dynamics NAV with the NAV Search webservice objects. Privacy Statement: NAV Search requires the setup of a Windows domain user account if the currently logged on account is not used (single sign on). This user account is stored encrypted and is not used for any other purposes than allowing access to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It is neither made available to NAV-X, LLC. nor can NAV-X LLC. decrypt this information. If you do not wish to store your Windows domain user account within the app, you have the choice to select "Use Current User" in the "Authentication" settings. No personal information will be stored at that point. Extended Functionality (Additional Configuration / Database Connection): In addition to the out-of-the-box search feature, it is also possible to conduct an advanced configuration and link NAV Search to your Dynamics NAV database so that clicking a search result will take you to that specific record via the Windows or Web Client. NAV-X, powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


  • Configurable search in Micrsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Use of Windows or Web Client

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21 February 2014

So far I have only used the free version for testing purposes, but this is great. Once I got the necessary NAV objects from, I had to set up one web service and define in NAV what tables and fields want to search in (a lot of them were preconfigured already). Now I can use this app to look for customers, items, sales orders, purchase orders, vendors, jobs, service contracts, work centers, and anything else I want to and have all displayed on one screen. Then I can select one of the search results and have the option to either go to the record in the Windows client or the Web client directly from this app. It really cuts down on time to find different records and is much more capable and expandable than the NAVIGATE function directly in NAV, since that wouldn't allow me to search over that many parameters.