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  • Published by: Mark Worsfold ?
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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
  • Language: English (United States)
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    Fixed mono playback issue, should now play audio in stereo. Improved the import playlist functionality. It now loads from urls that don't end in .pls/.m3u, but still include pls/m3u in it e.g . http://yp.shoutcast.com/sbin/tunein-station.pls?id=169446 Did some minor gui improvements on the edit screen for both stations/favourites , in regards to tooltip/graphic. Removed some startup code that maybe causing the application hang on x64 machines. Improved all screens layout and improved the graphics. Made some modifications to see if i could stop the application from hanging on certain spec machines e.g. low-powered specs. Removed file association for .pls/.m3u to stop a sqlite error from occurring. Also not needed due to the new import playlist screen. Improved support for all screen resolutions/screen sizes.

New Age Player

New Age Player is an Internet Radio Station player. It comes complete with a default of 16 new age stations (which you can remove and and your own stations.) New Age Player also allows you the ability to add new stations via 2 methods: 1. import .m3u/.pls playlists directly from a web location. 2. You can also add/delete/edit stations. Also you can: 3. Edit/delete your favourite stations. 4. If you have another device such as an adroid phone or windows phone 8 device, then you can upload your stations via Dropbox and then download via Dropbox to that device. 5. Displays Shoutcast song data on the play screen and media keys controller.(Data is displayed where provided, otherwise displays No song data available.) 6. Plays music in the background, even when screen off. 7. If you have a keyboard with media keys, then you can control the volume/start/stop of the player (see screenshot on support site for the mediacontrol, which is displays shoutcast artist info.) 8. New share favourite stations info with friends/family on the favourites screen. 9.Improved support for all screen resolutions/screen sizes. 10. Comes with PlayTo support - meaning you can play your favourite internet radio station to a compatible Playto device such as a dlna enabled audio system/tv system.


  • Share favourite stations with friends/family
  • Import playlists
  • Send music to other dlna-enabled devices using PlayTo support

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14 March 2016

it don't work at all. I tried like 5 stations and not a SINGLE one worked at all. I wouldn't recommend this to ANYONE at all. if it don't work then don't get it. and funny thing is it is the only new age music radio for the lap top and I NEED my new age to help me relax from being stressed out and it helps me sleep when I can't sleep at all. but THIS? HA! it is a joke if it don't work for the lap top but for the tablet app's then why bother making it for the lap top at all and not just keep it and STICK with the app people I mean COME ON sheesh. thank for getting my hope's up for nice free new age music app for the lap top and some nice relaxing NON resting time...love you... NOT!!!