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    New in version 1.3 - July 10, 2014: - Updated various third party libraries. - Changed advertising. - Minor bug fixes and improvements. New in version 1.2 - July 10, 2013: - Resolved issue with certain ads not loading. - Added verbiage on the story page image stating the number of images. - Fixed a problem with certain source links not working properly. - Other minor improvements and bug fixes. New in version 1.1 - June 25, 2013: - Added the 'Stories I've Read' feature which optionally shades stories that you've read. - Added the ability to 'flip' through all images on a story or article. - Displayed AP articles in the app rather than in the browser. - Improve error handling including when you are not connected to a network. - Many other minor improvements and bug fixes.


Newser's writers and editors carefully select approximately 45 of the most essential, entertaining, and delightfully quirky news items to cover each day. And at just two paragraphs each, our sharply written stories pack in only the most interesting details—none of the boring stuff—and are quick and easy to digest, especially on the go. And we're pretty to look at, too: our signature grid, reformatted for Windows 8, lets eye-catching photos and short and snappy headlines do the talking, providing a vivid snapshot of the day's news.


  • Graphic quick view of current headlines
  • Alternate views of the news (by date, popularity, section, importance, etc.)
  • Live tile updates of the number of unread stories
  • Media galleries
  • Social sharing of stories via Facebook, Twitter email and text messages
  • Voting on stories as Brilliant, Hilarious, Intriguing, Depressing, Ridiculous, or Scary
  • Search feature covering years of story archives

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2 June 2014

Love this app- you get exactly what is says and I love it


26 April 2014

One of the best news apps in the store. I'd like to see notification syncing between the WP app and this one. Also, the adds aren't placed on the best spot within the articles.


14 February 2014

I can't make it work, either. Would one of you persons who loves it write directions for the rest of us, please? And now I see it wants ME to choose a rating for this site? OK. I'll give it a one as I have no better choice.


12 December 2013

This app is a wonderful source of the news and other related issues, political, economic and other public matters


2 December 2013

Good app, but would be nice to see comments left by readers on the desktop version, like you can on the Windows Phone version.


17 November 2013

You should get more like this


8 November 2013

The rating system lets you look at the news your in the mood for. If your tired of just seeing the horrible stories going on in the world you can click on hilarious or brilliant rated stories and instantly feel better. great app!


6 November 2013

This app is pretty nice. The design is busy and loud but kinda works for this tabloid-like app. I like this app on my tablet and it makes me feel more up-to-date on current happenings in much less time than other news apps. Great for modern day attention spans! :) Noticeable and distracting bugs caused this app to lose some stars. Biggest problem is that it doesn't seem to scale above 1920x1080, for instance on my desktop. The height gets locked and wastes a ton of screen space, suspending the horizontal scroll bar in the middle of the lower quadrant of my screen.


28 October 2013

Feel like I get more ads than news with this app. And they are irritatingly banner like. Why don't I just use the browser and go to CNN.com if I wanted these many ads. FAIL.


26 October 2013

I understand the need to monetize an app, but there are way too many ads in this app. Otherwise, the app does a good job at presenting short news stories. I prefer the Windows Phone experience, even on the smaller screen.

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