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    Added support for saving without a file extension. Added fall back encoding setting, which can be used to open files that are not detected - for example Chinese ANSI. Fixed printing bug where no content was provided intermittently. Fixed minor bugs.

Notepad Classic

Do you ever wish for a simpler time when the a text editor was just a text editor - well travel back to those fantastic times, now in a amazing new UI, with Notepad Classic. Notepad Classic supports everything that Notepad does: Find, Replace, etc... Notepad Classic has THE BEST support the touch keyboard. If you ever want to write on the go? There is no better way than with Notepad Classic.


  • Text Editor
  • Share entire file or selection to other apps
  • Find & replace text in your files.
  • Go to a line number easily.
  • Unicode support
  • Tweak all the display settings: Colours, fonts, sizes, bold, word wrap!
  • Keyboard shortcuts so you can be FAST when you need to be.
  • Printing support!

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19 September 2015



24 June 2015

Created a text file. Saved regularly. Created a new document and it asked if I want to save the current document first, I clicked yes. When I went back to the document it was totally blank.


20 June 2015

I downloaded it but its not really working out for me. can some one tell me how you change the font because I cant figure it out! There is nothing I can click on that will let me change the font!!!!!!!! help! PLZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!


25 May 2015

If I can't print, what possible use is this app??


14 April 2015

For a full screen, no distractions text editor this does the job nicely. It has enough options so that you can tweak the text however you want. It gives you word count and it rotates with your screen. It is perfect for writing a quick draft on a tablet. I use it on my Dell Venue Pro 8 and it's great for writing on the go. I can even touch type without much difficulty with the on screen keyboard. It's not a full featured word processor, but it doesn't have to be. It's just for pulling it out and hammering out your word count and editing with something else later. The only feature I'd like added that would make it five stars is autosave, but as old as this latest version is, I won't hold my breath.


5 April 2015

This is the best notepad on the Windows Store! :)


9 February 2015

I really like minimalist editors, but one thing an editor must have is the ability to pick a good font and the colors. This application does everything that you want from a basic editor, and gives you a GREAT font and color selection, which basically puts it in the top two editors for Modern UI in my book. Use Code Writer if you want something with more "editing" features. But if you just want to experience a solid minimalist aesthetic in a well executed editor, Notepad Classic is about as good as I could imagine. The only feature I would change would be to be able to configure the border color of the application separately from the foreground color.


15 January 2015

There were no printing in the early times.


9 November 2014

Hello Big dog how`s life with you?


30 October 2014

No cheeseball ads. UI is written well. Way more features than Notepad 8.

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