All your favourite social network sites and email service providers in one application! You can create new accounts and receive notifications of your accounts every time you use the application. - Click on one of the following: Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, LInkedin, Flickr, MySpace, Foursquare, Xing, Tuenti, Goodreads, Dropbox, Yandex, Rambler, Github, Playfire. - Create an account or log in to your existing account. - Receive your notifications for all of them at once! And follow the same procedure for any other social network sites or email service providers you wish. At the same time, have fun with the Multiple Browser, also visit the most popular information and entertainment sites provided in the “News”, "Entertainment", "Gaming" & "Search and Shop" pages of the application. “Stay tuned... and get notified”


  • Quick update of your notifications, messages, friend requests and emails
  • Navigation and use of top social network sites and email service providers
  • Multiple Browser Navigation while you are receiving your notifications
  • Inform and entertain yourselves via top News και Entertainment sites
  • You can access multi social and email sites in a single place
  • Enjoy our brand new site categories, 'Gaming' & 'Search and Shop'
  • And stay tuned...Instagram, Tumbrl, Vimeo, Aol, Pinterest & VK are coming in the next update!

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9 October 2015

email notifier is very good but is it possibe to run backgruound ?


24 August 2014

Awesome idea, really liked it!


11 July 2014

awesome idea!! a really helpful and time-saving app!! keep going!!