nuiSense business

nuiSense business is the technological solution suited to your business that allows you to create multi-touch application and interactive and engaging presentations with your advertising and technical material. It is a multi-touch solution designed to allow multiple people to simultaneously interact easily with photo, video and PDF documents. In this interface, users can drag, rotate, resize and throw objects simply by touching them as if they were real. You can create and configure several albums, managing themes and different colors for each album and associate the folders that you want to view once you have started the album. nuiSense business implements secondary screen projection using DLNA protocol, HDMI or WiDi that allows you to view the contents of another display, such as TV, Video Wall or Led Wall. The app also takes advantage of the share function of Windows 8 that allows you to send the contents you are displaying to other apps installed on your device that support this feature (eg. Facebook, Twitter...). nuiSense business allows users to connect to the webcam for making movies and photos to share and interact with. The app, once installed, does not need the internet connection. nuiSense business has all the functionality of the consumer version and implements some advanced features. Thanks to Kiosk mode, users can interact with the App without any control. Thanks to the Assigned Access feature of Windows 8.1 the user cannot exit from the App. It is a mode suitable for use in kiosks and multi touch tables in public spaces and as storefront interactive window. nuiSense business uses NFC technology to recognize objects. The process is very simple; you start with configuring the content that you want to open when the user approaches the object to your device. You then applies an NFC tag to the object. In this way, the app can recognize the object and open themed content (images, video and PDF documents). Another important feature is the ability to download content directly to another device (smartphone or tablet) without installing any App on it. It use an HTML5 embedded website that allows users to download videos, photos and PDF documents. You can also draw by fingers or stylus pen on the interactive whiteboard. To purchase a registration code or to get more information go to the website


  • Creates many multi touch branded application
  • View and interact with photos, videos and PDF documents of your company
  • Kiosk-mode (Windows 8.1 pro or above)
  • Natural user interface ( NUI )
  • Linked to your OneDrive account to use Cloud media
  • Physical object recognition through NFC tags
  • Transfer via Wi-Fi your company information directly on your visitors' smartphone and tablet without installing any app on devices
  • Share your photos with social networks (eg, Mail, Facebook, Twitter ...)
  • Secondary screen (DLNA, HDMI, WiDi) support for viewing photos and videos on TV, Video Wall or Led Wall
  • Automatic and manual slideshow
  • Interactive whiteboard for better workshops
  • Sends mails via SMTP