One Google

One Google is an unofficial client app for major services offered by Google Inc. You can use various services like Google Search, Google Plus, YouTube, GMail, Google Maps, Google News and more from this app. Disclaimer: One Google 'This app' nor the app developer is affiliated, associated or officially connected with Google, Inc. Any logos, trademarks and other intellectual property used remain the trademark of Google, Inc.


  • Google Search
  • YouTube
  • GMail
  • Google News
  • Google Translate
  • Google Plus
  • Photos
  • Google Keep
  • Google Maps

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13 January 2015

I love the concept and how easy it is to switch accounts. What I don't love is how long it was taking to load my Keep archives, and then only a few loaded while the rest showed blank content. I'll wait a few days and give it another shot. hopefully I'll have a change of opinion and an change my review.


26 December 2014

When I click on any link in my G+ feed, this app pops a dialog that says no app is installed to handle this type of link. It offers to take me to the Windows Store to look for one. Ok. I clicked and went to the Windows Store, which said there were no apps in this category. 100% FAILURE doing the only thing I expected it to do. If I could give it negative stars, I would.


22 October 2014

Love that the apps look very large and overall it's a decent app. However, the only one hiccup was that when I would go to Google+ I needed to place my password again and again. It would be nice to just store it.