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    Fixed a bug that prevented favorites from being saved some times.


OneBusAway provides real-time information for buses in Seattle, WA; Tampa, FL; and Atlanta, GA. Search by routes and locations, browse schedules, mark your favorite routes, and pin your favorite stops to the start screen. Never miss your bus again! Data provided by www.onebusaway.org


  • Find real-time information for buses in Seattle, WA; Tampa, FL; and Atlanta, GA
  • Pin favorite stops to the start screen.
  • Live tiles show real-time information on the start screen.
  • Search by routes and locations.
  • View stops and schedules.
  • See trip details for individual buses.
  • Keep track of your favorite stops and routes.
  • Full snap-view support and built-in help are available.

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10 May 2015

In the Android app, you make a STOP a favorite. And it tells you direction the busses go at the stop. In this app, you make a ROUTE at a STOP your favorite. This can be handy, but there are places where you want to look at a variety of busses at the same stop--for instance, along Eastlake to get downtown or to the U-District, you could take a 66, 70, 71, 72, 73, or 83 depending on the time of day. With the favorite stops, I can see all of my choices. With favorite routes at a stop, I have to enter all six routes for every stop I want to favorite! Also, the stop name is not listed with a direction, so it's impossible looking at the favorites list to tell which direction the bus is going.


15 November 2014

Tremendously useful and startlingly accurate to within a minute this application has the information you need in almost precise real time. Tells you if a bus is late or not, searches by stop, route, and/or location. Accompanying map pretty darn accurate too so you can find the nearest stop while walking. Select busses, routes, or stops as favorites. If you ride the bus at all get this application. You will be glad that you did. A+. Oh and it's TOTALLY free with no ads. UN-BE-lievable.


27 December 2013

I've been using this app for years and all I can say is that I LOVE it! I have always been able to rely on the times it displays. Which means I can leave my condo less than 4 minutes before the bus arrives and I don't have to wait outside in the cold or with smokers!


17 October 2013



8 October 2013

I want go to krishnanagar


30 September 2013

Awesome app I have been using this app on my Ipad and now it's available on my Windows 8 pc. The app works great in Tampa Florida with Hartline buses.


22 August 2013

I don't know how people rode the bus in Seattle before this app. Its so nice to know when the bus is actually coming. The signs at the stops are never very accurate.


23 June 2013

This design shows when the next bus on a particular stop will come. It is only designed for the Puget Sound area though. I'm excited to see what kinds of technology major transit services across the country are coming up with.


21 June 2013

When will Atlanta GA, be added as a city?


14 June 2013

I couldn't figure out how to add a directions. Clicked everywhere, very unintuitive.

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