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    Changes in 1. Critical bug fixes due to API changes, The scrolling in thumbnail view should be much smoother now." 2. You can now search by using tags. So if you are looking for images with trees, search for #Trees. Changes in 1. Enabled search within file contents. 2. Enhanced photo viewer. 3. Bug Fixes Changes in 1. Increased thumbnail size for better preview. Also when you move between the pages, your location on the previous page will restored when you go back. 2. Added auto sync functionality, All the data will be kept latest in background. This can be controlled under UserSettings charm. 3. Added capability to define cache size under charm menu. This will decide how much space should be used by app for caching data locally. 4. Added a pop-up to avoid accidental click. On Clicking the item, a message box will open asking for input instead of opening the file directly. This will avoid accidental clicks. You can disable it under UserSettings. 5. Added capability to open files in online editors of the cloud service providers. You do not need to have the needed program installed locally anymore. For any feedback/suggestion Please email contact@fluiduidesigns.com


Integrates with Google Drive , Dropbox , Box and OneDrive. Search across all your files, including the file contents, images, tags etc. Supports multiple accounts. Windows 10 version coming soon. Comes with 15 day fully functional trial, and it will continue to work with restricted features. It allows you to slice and dice your data, access all your photographs, music ,videos from one common app. It features a powerful music player that will show slideshow of artists based on the metadata in files, play music in the background. Currently it supports Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive. More service are to be added soon.


  • Search, View and Share your files, Rename them, Create new folder.
  • Slice and Dice your data for better access, Group by , Sort by various parameters.
  • Upload and Download files in background.
  • Predefined Library views for quick access
  • Built in Music Player, that shows artists slideshows, plays music in the background.
  • Cut, Copy, Paste across various cloud providers
  • Video player
  • Slideshows
  • Sync your settings across our various devices.

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8 April 2015

Downloaded this App and have been using it for past few days. Helps me to find all my data at one place and in ORGANIZED manner. Love the Picture Slideshow and Music player functionality !